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شارع الذيد - Souq Al Jumʻah - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates
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Friday Market is a market, pub and restaurant located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. The average rating of this business is 4.20 out of 5 stars based on 5015 reviews. The street address of this business is شارع الذيد - Souq Al Jumʻah - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates. Friday Market is open seven days a week from 12:00am to 10:30pm.

Where Friday Market is located at?
Friday Market is located at شارع الذيد - Souq Al Jumʻah - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates.

4 Sai Kiran 12 months ago


Good place for the fruits, you will get all kinds of fresh fruits ,

Coconut water is the one of special attraction.

Kids toys are available.

Good carpet & home furniture is available. Vegetables also available.

It is immediately next to main road you can stop for 2 mins &
Take all the home grocery ( fruits, vegetables, home furnitures)

5 Nazir Kariyania 12 months ago

Beautiful place to visit if you wish to go on a long drive from Dubai and enjoying trying the local fruits, fresh coconut water, roasted / boiled corn & pick up some fresh vegetables & other household wares including Afghanistan & Iran carpets. It’s on the way to Fujairah before Masafi via a beautiful mountainous path & a fun drive.

5 Sayeed 14 months ago

Perfect place for family shopping like fruits, house appliances in affordable price. Fruits are fresh mostly and there various kind of them. Market is located on Sharjah Fujairah highway.

5 Dr Turab 14 months ago

Great roadside place for a tranquil evening walk, breathing in the fresh mountain air. The grilled corn tastes even better here.

5 Aman 12 months ago

Highly recommend you to stopover here while traveling towards Khorfakkan
They have nursery’s,carpets,refreshments like fresh coconut water and many restaurants too it’s an amazing place to stop at for a little break coming from the city

4 Aneesh Nair 12 months ago

If you have bargaining skills, this place is for you. Fresh veggies, fruits, gardens, mats, carpets etc available in wide varieties on both side of the roads. Lot of Parking spaces available as well. Just be mindful when you deal with the vendors. Some might turn aggressive if you bargain. Good place to shop cheap.

4 Latifa almazrouei 20 months ago

it is a nice getaway from the city life. It has so much to offer for food, carpets poultry, even plants we had a really nice Iranian bread with cheese. It was one of the best I’ve ever had would recommend going there with your friends and family.

3 Supem de Silva 19 months ago

The market has many shops selling fresh fruits, vegetables, plant nurseries with a wide selection. Although called a Friday market, we visited on a Sunday the place was abuzz with people and activities. Surrounded by mountains it is a beautiful location to visit, on the way to Fujairah.

5 Nick Morgan 14 months ago



CONTEXT - Visit 8th April
Was here early evening on a Saturday for a bite to eat and a drink with a mate before goin to a gig up the road (Boston Music Rooms - great venue, highly recommend a visit).

I've walked and/or stumbled past this pub a few times in my time in London, but never on a pub night out. Now I was coming down from the 'shire' (Hertfordshire) it was 'more or less' enroute to the venue from my train stop.

For Saturday, at 5pm ish, i thought it was a bit quiet. But as already mentioned, this place is kind of 'tucked away' between Upper Holloway, Tufnell Park and Highbury & Islington in north London and I would say unless you know it exists, it doesn't get much foot traffic.

This all being said, for what I was looking for it was great, nice an chilled before a gig, able to chat to my mate and get some good grub.

As per the quietness, the people in there were also giving off 'chill vibes'. Whether or not it gets rowdier at night I don't know, but great boozer for chilled chats and drinks with friends.

Staff were friendly, kind, and gave off a similar vibe to above. Served my drink and food with calm and a smile. If anything i'd say maybe a bit too quiet in the serving in not much chat, or instruction with my food (got given my pizza, not told where/if cutlery was coming or not and got up only to find them come back a bit later).

As mentioned, farily certain its had a makeover in the last few years, i may be wrong. There is a 'classy' feel to this place, expecially when you look at the food menu (see below) and maybe its just that it looks clean and no scuffs and i'm used to a bit of rough. That being said, i didn't feel out of place and it is actually VERY nice looking pub, with the ability to get down and dirty i suspect late at night.

Writing this a few days later i realised i didn't take a picture of the bathroom, but i know i used it. I tend to remember them if their minging, so my brief memory would suggest its clean and 'does the job' that you meed it too.

£13.50 for a spicy chorizo pizza & £6.40 pint of Mosaic. I mean, the pizza is very good value for money, as it was delicious. The beer...pfftt, maybe a 'tad' pricey, considering where it is ( a bit behind the scenes) and boardering outskirts of London, but also understand current service costs etc, this is actually pretty average. I'm still yet to get my first £7 pint in London, but i know its coming.

As mentioned already, Pizza was brilliant, highly recommend, thin, sloppy and tasty. They also had a very extensive, what I would call 'bistro' style pub food menu to accompany the pizza menu, whith a seperate 'restaurant' style space for those wishing to have a more specific dining experience. The menu looked exciting though and I want to go back with the family to try this.
Drink, nothing too exciting in the beer front, they did have both cask and keg, which is always good, as well as what looked like an extensive gin menu.

5 Kotryna L 12 months ago

Beer garden is lush in summertime.
Patatas bravas is delish, great food and generous portions generally.
Great selection of drinks and lovely atmosphere. Also super dog friendly.

1 Eleanor Hesketh 11 months ago

One girl working there has been unhappy to serve me and also been quite aggressive towards my group on a few occasions throughout the night. The staff I think all used to be really lovely - now it’s not so great…

The guy with the glasses is a solid stand up guy - really great…all the rest to the staff aren’t really what I remember. Bit sad because it is a nice pub but when you’re paying £7 for a pint you expect good service.

4 Debbie Richards 23 months ago

Went for a lovely afternoon late lunch, was a walk in, we didn't prebook a table this is a bonus as so many still at the moment don't like walk ins. Food was lovely photos don't do it justice, flavours were on point, great pub food. Only let downs, menu, for non foodies explain what your dishes are, a little description goes a long way, and I appreciate you want just one menu page however your drinks won't change often so perhaps drinks menu on separate one and on the tables with food menu more detailed. This could be 5 stars but had to explain what the foods were to other guests, and that frustrated them that no description are on the menu. Overall great little pub, give it a go !

5 Ralph Elliott-Goddard 23 months ago

Outstanding food, excellent service from Ian and his team. Visit after 8.00pm to avoid the middle class mums and their hordes of noisy kids. Good wine list, some good ales and a great menu, mean that this place is well worth a visit.

5 Luiz Eduardo Peixoto 13 months ago

Excellent food for honest prices. Very nice inside with different ambiences and mostly feeling intimate but relaxed. Staff is patient, helpful and efficient, despite the busy Friday I was in. If anything I felt the portions were a bit small for the mains, but the entrées compensated. Good variety of wine and beers.

5 J Ennis 12 months ago

Great service. Decent food. All staff always friendly and it’s a bit cheaper then other pubs in the area

5 Chris Charles 11 months ago

Great food, quick and friendly service, lovely back garden area, and not impossible to get a table. What is not to love! Have been back so many times
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