Burj Residency Tower - 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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MiRCHI is a restaurant, chinese takeaway, chinese restaurant and fast food restaurant located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average rating of this business is 3.60 out of 5 stars based on 21 reviews. The street address of this business is Burj Residency Tower - 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. MiRCHI is closed on Monday, and other days it is open from 05:00am to 10:00pm.

Where MiRCHI is located at?
MiRCHI is located at Burj Residency Tower - 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
What is the contact number of MiRCHI?
The contact number of MiRCHI is +971 50 513 6658

4 Sakina Mohammed 59 months ago

We had such a great experience. The food is amazing but the view takes away the cake. The drinks are dynamic and the starters are all lovely.

1 Angel Nkoana 59 months ago

I WISH I SAW THE BAD REVIEWS about this place before wasting our money on their advertised voucher.

The only reason i made a purchased is because i was mislead by the photo on the advert which made it seem like the restaurant had a balcony where you could clearly view the burj khalifa only to find that that photo was taken from the boardwalk.

Anyway,When i purchased the groupon voucher,there was also an option for me to make a booking which i did for the 5/05/2019. Due to unforseen circumstance we couldnt make it to the restaurant on time as per our booking. Our reservation was 18:30 because we also had a reservation for burj khalifa at 8 so it made sense for us. However, at around 17:40 i was anxious realising that we will not make it for 18:30.

I emailed the restaurant using the provided email address on the groupon voucher to which there was no response till 18:00. I then requested our hotel concierge to contact them and find out if they could reschule our booking for later, to which the manager responded by saying "there is no need to make a booking, your guests can come at anytime".

That was a relieve for us,so we went on with other plans and decided to go to this restaurant on the 6th May 2019.

To our surprise the voucher status was "ALREADY REDEEMED". Our question was by whom and when? So i then explained to the manager that i think our voucher may have been "reedemed" because our booking was made for the 5th and so perhaps they set it to automatically assume that we were at the restaurant at the time.

I refered him to the phone call were he said we could come anytime, he had nothing to say about that. I refered him to the email i sent him which he found in his mailbox,which he read and decided not to reply to it, he had nothing to say about that. All he said was he doesnt know what groupon did, i should contact them. He always have similar issue. My husband then asked how he dealt with the issues if its not the first time,he couldnt respond to that. He offered us a 50%off to purchase food at that moment and he said hed give us a voucher we could use nextweek. Eventhough i assumed he could clearly see that we are tourists.

Bottom line is, we went to the hotel HUNGRY with our 2year old baby @23:30. Because our voucher is already "redeemed".

I purchased few other vouchers on groupon uae and all of the service providers were FANTASTIC so i will not let this one spoil our beautiful experiences in dubai. I am just warning others like myself to not make the same mistake. Dont ever take this managers word over the phone because when you get to the restaurant its another story☹

5 Rajendra Babu Ganesan 59 months ago

A very Nice Indian Restaurent. Provides Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food. Quality of food is very excellent.

Restaurent is having nice ambience. It is an excellant place for evening meetings and having family time as well. Burj Khalifa is located so near, We can have our dinner witnessing the Music Fountain and Changing colours of the Burj Khalifa.

I enjoyed my dinner here during my recent visit to Dubai. Definitely a Worthy place to visit and have food.

1 Maria Mehta 59 months ago

No proper airconditioning....lots of mosquitoes! Service and food was extremely mediocre. The restaurant was not easy to find and completely empty. Not a good experience at all!

5 Farhan Mirza 47 months ago

Hot place

5 ratnakar dash 59 months ago

My birth place

2 Kim Symons 11 months ago

Not sure what meat the jumbo sausage was but it was not nice over cooked by reheating probably
Chips didn't taste fresh, more like reheated Not a good experience. Not a patch on Cod Father's

2 Michael Vickery 13 months ago

Bought fish and chips, the fish was well over cooked having been in the warmer far too long. As for the Chinese, had chicken and mushroom of which was far below par.

5 Me g 16 months ago

Mr kuets is and always will be my favourite Chinese. I have 2 Chinese where I live but will always travel the 40 mins there and back just for this Chinese. No where else compares. I have been going here my whole life. The chicken balls, sweet and sour sauce and the chips are the most incredible things I've ever eaten. You cannot beat it its perfection. I would eat here everyday if I could. Thankyou for the best food around. I definitely recommend everyone to have a kuets you will not be disappointed. However It would be great if you could start taking card payments would be my only improvement. Lots of love always. Also the lemon chicken is one of my favourites too. Never had any problems here and most Chinese are so disappointing so well done for standing out.

4 A S 58 months ago

Been going to Mr Kuets for years and been consistently good every time! (for the Chinese side)

But as for the 'English' Fish & Chips - it's lacking!

Chips are not cooked to order, so they are 'mass produced' so-to-speak and keep them in a warmer. This makes the chips not taste the best and the temperature of the food not great.

Living only less than five minutes away, bringing them back home by car, they were only lukewarm at best.

So, a message to Mr Kuet/Owner: make your chips cooked to order! You do it for your Chinese, so do it for the fish and chips section! I'm sure people would rather wait for a freshly cooked order! I'm not the only reviewer on here who has complained in the past. Please take customers feedback seriously.

As for payment, they are a cash only business - even though its 2018 coming on 19', card payment should be the norm by now for all small businesses. (as most in Saltash are using card payment as well. )

Thank you.

*added photos of menu to help other potential customers.

3 John Busby 11 months ago

Take away. Food was perfectly acceptable, but nothing to rave about. Chips a bit soggy, rolls a bit over cooked.

4 Lady Voluptuous Feet 34 months ago

Usually good food. Prices are not bad either. Only had one bad experience when the chips were a bit old but as I said it is usually very nice. Love a battered sausage, the fish is nice and you can choose English or Chinese chips!

Was a shame he was closed for so long and didn't serve fish and chips for a long time. Could do with a revamp to make it more appealing.

The Chinese food wasn't my favourite but I guess they all have different ways of doing things.

Definitely eat here though

3 Graham Snowdon 22 months ago

Always very good but this time the fish had been cooked and in the warm cabinet too long. Hopefully back up to 5 stars next time.

2 motor fire 22 months ago

I know this business had been here many years but my experience was dreadful. The chips were awful, under cooked with no colour to them. They have the look and texture of pre cooked chips finished off for a couple of minutes as point of sale. Yuk! Also ordered 2 vegetable spring rolls only to find that they contained meat. Not great for vegetarians. What a waste of money and shan't be going there again.
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